Your Guide to Understanding Which Golf Club to Use

Going from a mini golf putting green to an 18-hole golf course can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you! If you’re ready to grow your skills, then we can help—starting with the golf clubs in your bag. Before stepping out onto our Nicklaus Designed golf course, here is your handy guide to understanding the different golf clubs.

Drivers/Fairway Woods

Drivers are typically used first when hitting a long shot 175 yards or more off a tee. Each company has their own unique technology making these clubs extremely recognizable. You may find one to five woods in your bag, all ranging in different degrees of loft* and flight. Just remember: When choosing between your woods, the one with the higher loft (or number) will be easier to wield. Try a demo out today at Owl’s Nest Resort to find your perfect fit.



Hybrids are exactly that; a combination between woods and irons. These clubs are the best of both worlds because they have heads like fairway woods, but the shaft length of an iron. You may not have one of these clubs in your bag, but if you do, give it a shot! Many golfers are replacing their 3 or 4-irons because they find hybrids easier to use.



Switch your driver to an iron club when you are less than 200 yards away from the putting green. Easier said than done, right? Most golf bags will contain irons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, so knowing which one to grab can be a little confusing. As a rule of thumb, the closer you are to the green, the higher number iron you will want to use.


Wedges are similar to irons, but are only used when you are really close to the putting green. They allow you to better control your shot and direct the ball closer to the hole. Your bag should contain at least a pitching wedge if not a few others. All wedges differentiate in degrees of loft and can help you get out of sandy situations.



One word we like to pair with putters is “patience”. These clubs have one purpose: To get the ball in the hole. Putters are the most important club in the bag. This club will make or break your game. They are only used on the green and can require great concentration. Once you master the putting green, nothing feels better than sinking the ball in just one putt.

We hope you now have more confidence to get on the course and swing your way to a hole-in-one. Just remember, practice makes perfect. Book a tee time today to try out your golf clubs at our 18-hole golf course with scenic views of the White Mountains.

*Loft is the angle of the club face that controls trajectory and affects distance (Pine Meadow Golf).

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