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This Quick Fix For Golf Injuries Might Do More Harm Than Good

While we can all agree that golf is a fantastic sport, unfortunately, golfers, like all other athletes, are not immune to injury.

At the recommendation of a health professional, you, or someone you know, has probably received a steroid injection for joint or muscle pain.

Steroid injections (such as cortisone shots) are fast-acting pain relievers, providing almost instant, increased range-of-motion and functional movement.

This sounds phenomenal, especially for someone suffering from golfer’s elbow, debilitating lower back pain, or a shoulder rotator cuff tear.

But is it too good to be true? 

We asked expert interventional orthopedic physician, Dr. Fenton, from Regenexx Cayman to weigh in.

“Steroid injections can certainly make a patient feel better in the short term, but did you know they can also cause long term harm?

Steroids are powerful NSAIDs that can have catastrophic long-term effects on the health of your tissue, tendons, and cartilage.

Regenexx Cayman believes in empowering patients so they can make the best decisions regarding their health. We do not provide steroid injections as part of our orthopedic treatment. Find out why.

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