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The #1 Tip For Sporting Your Golf Bag On The Green

The beauty of golf lies in the enjoyment of the outdoors, getting to spend time in the fresh air, and taking in the peaceful Nest scenery. For many avid golfers, this ritual includes walking the course.

But did you know that the average weight of a golf bag, with clubs and accessories, is thirty pounds?

Now imagine carrying a 30lb gym weight around with you for the day…

We are exhausted just thinking about it!

Some people carry their bag on their back or across a shoulder, some wheel it behind them, and others push it in front. But which is best for your orthopedic health? We asked Regenexx Cayman’s specialist interventional orthopedic physician, Dr. Fenton, to weigh in:

“Wheeling your golf bag is better than carrying it. And pushing it in front of you is preferred to carting it behind you. This prevents putting unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back.

For those players who do opt to carry their bag on their back, please make sure your bag strap is a backpack double strap setup. This will ensure even distribution of the weight.”

Dr. Jonathan Fenton, Physician, Regenexx Cayman


Do you have a specific orthopedic issue that is limiting your golf game? To set up a consult with Dr. Fenton contact

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