Sit-Down vs. Buffet: How to Choose Your Wedding Dinner

As you go down the seemingly never-ending wedding checklist, you finally get to plan for the wedding reception. You’ve picked out your caterer (or at least narrowed it down) to fuel your guests with the perfect meal. Once they’re well fed, guests will be ready to bust a move on the dance floor and celebrate with the happy newlyweds. Choosing between a buffet or traditional sit-down dinner can feel like yet another daunting wedding decision to make. That’s why we’re here to help with this simple guide.


If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend choosing a buffet service. Typically, plated meals are more expensive because of the attention to detail, teamwork, and organization needed to ensure the correct meal meets a specific place setting. The chef personally creates your plate rather than setting out trays of food in a buffet line.


If you’re friends with picky-eaters or don’t want to worry about dietary restrictions, then buffet-style is the perfect solution. A buffet allows guests more food options and to create their own meal based on what they like. That way, everyone is happy! You can even get creative with your buffet with a carving station or seafood bar.


Traditional sit-down dinners are a great option for older guests. People with limited mobility will be more comfortable sitting down and having their meal served to them. They won’t have to deal with the fatigue of getting up and waiting in a long line. If your guests are more comfortable, they’ll be more willing to stay longer to party.

Assigned Seating

A buffet-style dinner is more flexible about seating arrangements. You can do assigned seats, assigned tables, or even open seating. However, a served sit-down dinner requires assigned seats so the waiters will know what meal to serve each guest. You wouldn’t want someone who ordered the chicken to get the fish entrée!


The size of your reception venue will also help you decide. A sit-down dinner takes up less space because the food is being kept warm in the kitchen. This allows more room for your guests to walk, dance, and mingle. However, if you prefer a buffet-style, you will want to make sure your venue not only has room for walking, but for the food tables as well.

Dinner Time

Lastly, do you want everyone to eat together or when they are hungry? A sit-down dinner ensures everyone is served at the same time and is a good option if you’re on a schedule. Whereas long lines at a buffet can cause people to eat at different times and it can take longer for everyone to finish eating. If you’re leaning towards buffet, one way around this is creating different buffet stations so not everyone is waiting in the same spot.

Are we making you hungry yet? While you handle the taste testing, we can manage the catering for your wedding. We can even help you create the perfect table setting for the dream dinner you choose.  Get in touch with us today for more details.

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