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Owl’s Nest Resort Partners with Regenexx Cayman

The Owl’s Nest philosophy is to foster a community of active, curious, open-minded individuals who pursue new experiences and build lasting relationships. That’s why we’re pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Regenexx Cayman.

Since 2011, patients from around the world have traveled to Regenexx Cayman for cultured stem cell treatment and storage, which enhances your body’s natural healing ability to repair bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, non-surgically.

“After three knee surgeries, I was still not able to play the sports I loved. I visited Regenexx Cayman in the winter of 2016 on the recommendation of a good friend who played for almost a decade in the NFL. I explored alternatives stateside that promoted same day stem cell therapy, but further research confirmed that if I were to go this route, the ability to grow my cells at Regenexx Cayman would enhance my chances of success.

I am pleased to say that within three months of my injections in Cayman, I was finally able to enjoy activity again. I credit Regenexx treatments with contributing to my recovery and recommend them to others who cannot obtain the relief needed through traditional surgeries. “

Brian Lash, Principal, Owl’s Nest Resort

By reducing pain and improving function, Regenexx Cayman has helped many golfers get back on the green, so they can continue playing the game they love.

Stay tuned for exclusive offers, golf tips, and much more from this unique partnership!


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