5 Tips & Tricks to Introduce Your Kids to Skiing


Just in! We’re pleased to announce fresh snow has finally arrived in the areas surrounding Thornton, New Hampshire. It’s the perfect time to teach your kids how to ski on fresh powder. While you stay at Owl’s Nest Resort in one of our family-friendly private homes, we recommend signing them up for lessons at Waterville Valley or Loon Mountain. Here’s how to prepare them for their first day on the bunny slopes: 

Tip #1: Familiarize your kid with their ski outfit. 

Bundling your child to the max in jackets, mittens, hats, and socks is essential to keep them warm for their first lesson. However, a toddler may protest wearing all that bulky clothing and stiff boots. Before actually putting skis on their feet, we recommend walking them around in their new outfit so they can get familiar with the weight of everything.  

Tip #2: Skip the slopes. 

The first time your child is on their skis should not be on the slopes. Even the bunny trails can be a bit steep for a kid’s first time. Instead, find a small incline near the lodge and away from heavy ski traffic where you can slowly acclimate them. As they get more comfortable, you can begin to let them glide down the hill themselves. Don’t worry if they fall – that’s all part of learning!  

Tip #3: Give a little incentive. 

Skiing can be a little scary, even for first-time adults. Entice them with hot chocolate or a yummy lunch to get them even more excited to give skiing a try. Trust us, hills don’t seem so steep when there is a sweet treat at the end of it.  

Tip #4: Ski during the slow time. 

As skiers are flying down the mountain, you don’t want your child to feel overwhelmed or be in harm’s way. It’s much easier and effective to give lessons when there’s more room on the mountain. That’s why the best time of the day to ski is early morning, lunchtime, or late afternoon.  

Tip #5: Sign-up for a lesson. 

If you don’t feel comfortable being the ski instructor, you can sign your child up for a group or private ski lesson. Typically, a private lesson is more expensive but allows your child to have one-on-one training. In comparison, a group lesson allows your kid to be with others of the same age and ability. Both options are a great way to get from the bunny trails to black diamonds. 

Once you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have your child skiing (and loving it) in no time! We’re even offering a Ski & Stay package at Owl’s Nest Resort, which includes discounted lift tickets and a private 4-bedroom home. It’s an opportunity you can’t pass up! 

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