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5 Tips For Playing in Cooler Temps

Closing Day is Sunday, November 3 and it’s been getting chilly up at the Nest. Here are 5 tips to help keep you on top of your game as the temperature drops.

Walk to warm up

Start your round with a brisk 5 min walk and take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage.

Stretch to stay limber

Before teeing off, gently swing the club with each hand front to back and side to side. Reach for the sky, with the club between your hands, to stretch your shoulders and upper back. Slowly sway your arms side to side, with the club between your hands overhead, while engaging your core.

Dress to outsmart the weather

Remember to layer your clothing. That way you can shed a layer or two as you warm up, but your muscles won’t be bracing against the cold to begin.

Hydrate to avoid muscle cramps

Don’t skimp on the water just because it is cold outside. Pack a warm thermos of herbal tea for hydration on the course. Plus, your cup of tea will double as a hand warmer.

Eat to replenish your energy

After a round, warm up with a hearty nutritious meal at Panorama Six82.


Thanks to Regenexx Cayman physician, Dr. Jonathan Fenton for sharing these winter ready golfer tips.

We look forward to hosting Regenexx Cayman and Dr. Fenton during the Owl’s Nest Dirty Bird Tournament on November 3rd and invite you to join us for a free seminar on the use of stem cell therapy for orthopedic health.

Warm snacks and beverages will be provided, and attendees are eligible for complimentary orthopedic ultrasounds. RSVP for the event here

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