5 Cocktails You Simply Must Try

Whether you love a good martini or you’re more of a spiced rum drinker, there’s a cocktail out there for every taste bud. At Panorama Six82, we have crafted some delicious cocktails that are sure to keep you warm inside and out this winter. Here are 5 favorites you simply must try:

1. Espresso Martini

Who doesn’t love an espresso martini? This one comes with a twist! It’s made with DeKuyper Crème de Cacao White which is a chocolate flavored liquor made from the cacao bean. Crème de Cacao White has an essence of vanilla which offers a greater depth of flavor. Our espresso martini is one of our most popular drinks – people love it and you will too!

2. Roses in Winter

Calling all bourbon lovers! If you want to mix it up a bit, four roses is a small batch bourbon and not mass produced, making this cocktail even more artisanal. We also combine local apple cider and ginger beer to create a wonderful flavor combination. This cocktail will definitely keep out the chill this winter!

3. Nest Classic

The Nest Classic is perfect for those Dark and Stormy fans out there who are looking for an elevated take on this traditional drink. The twist is that we add Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur which puts the ginger flavor at the forefront of the cocktail in a more sophisticated way. Domaine De Canton is infused with Champagne Cognac, vanilla bean, orange blossom honey, and ginseng.

4. Siciliano

This coffee drink brings together Amaretto and Tuaca in a really lovely way. Wondering what Tuaca is? It’s a brandy that was created in Italy for the powerful Renaissance ruler, Lorenzo the Magnificent. You could say this cocktail makes you feel like a king! Amaretto gives a rich almond flavor that compliments the elements of citrus and vanilla in the Tuaca. This cocktail brings Italian liquors together and is topped with a seared orange peel which releases the oils and creates a wonderful aromatic flavor. This is the ultimate treat yourself type of drink!

5. Blackberry Bramble

The Blackberry Bramble is a fruity, bright, and refreshing spritzer for those days you wish it was summer. The Blackberry Bramble makes a great aperitif because it’s light and refreshing – not to mention low in calories (so you can stick to your New Year’s resolution!).


Warm up this winter with a cocktail or two at Owl’s Nest very own restaurant, Panorama Six82. We’re open to the public and offer special events and free entertainment. Make a reservation today!


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